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Aunty Lee's Delights by: Ovidia Yu

This book opens with a murdered woman on the beach in Singapore and soon we meet Aunty Lee and Nina her companion and learn about their shop where Aunty Lee's stepson has wine and dinner parties.  But most of the buzz is about the woman on the beach and what happened to her?  Who is she?  And what is going on in Singapore when a mysterious Carla Saito shows up looking for Laura Kwee who is missing from this wine and dine session texting out sick.

Aunty Lee decides to make notes and write down witness once it's figured out that Laura is missing and so is Marianne Peters.  Which brings in the Singapore police and SS Salim who is trying to figure out who is murdering women.

It was a great read I really enjoyed reading about Singapore while solving a mystery at the same time.  Aunt Lee reminds me of like an elderly grandmother with her ability to love her family and friends and care about those she comes across that she cooks for them, and feels a connection to them.  I loved it.